when it rains cats and dogs

It was raining cats and dogs yesterday late afternoon and Celeste was watching her favourite sattelite cartoon channel when I realized something.

Despite the heavy rain outside, we can still watch sattelite tv program here in Singapore, unlike Astro.

Don’t get me wrong. I was a satisfied Astro customer in general, except when it rained.

If you were to browse through Astro’s website and read its top FAQ, one of the favourite question of all time is, “why I can’t receive Astro programmes when it rains” and the answer given is “service should resume automatically when the rain clears”.

Why can’t we?

Don’t get me wrong again. I loved Astro for I was entertained for years but as I am typing this, it is still pouring. And the sattelite TV programmes were not affected at all. Not even for a fraction of a nano second.

Maybe the clouds in Singapore clear off faster since its not a  mountainous city. Maybe. Who knows?

Astro: Making your life richer.



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