make sure i look presentable or else..

And this is what Carment says to me whenever I snap pictures of her with or without her knowledge.

Imagine my surprise when this picture was taken just about a week ago. I was quite pleased with it not because of any other reasons but the fact that Carment actually smiled for the camera. And she smiled willingly.

Usually when I want to snap a picture of her, I will be greeted with an “optic blast” similar to Cyclops’ of the popular X-men and at times, I wish I can just teleport myself to safety, just like the Night Crawler.

Anyway, this picture was taken on a morning when we were waiting for the school van to fetch Celeste to school.

And as usual, Carment will ask and has to convince herself that she looked presentable in the picture. If not, I will be asked diplomatically, not to post it at all.

Hmmm..remind me of the Film Censorship Board of Malaysia.

Here’s the picture which made my day.

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