learn hokkien Ah Boy’s way

Just to brighten up your day at the expense of my ancestral root.

I am a Chinese and a Hokkien and I can’t speak both. And I have a typical Hokkien name (no..don’t ask me)

Anyway, let’s go on with learning Hokkien, the easy way. Real easy way.

Children is Kinnakia

Bird is Jiaokia

Give birth is Sehkia

Furniture is Ikea

Police is Matakia

Small house is Chukia

Handphone is Nokia

I am is Hokkienkia

Malay is Huankia

India is Geilengkia

Chinese is Tenglangkia

Japanese is Jitpunkia

Bad guy is Paikia

Good guy is Hokia

People who read this is Gongkia

If you laugh now, you are Siaokia

JANGAN MARAH YA (direct translation: don’t angry ar)


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