i have a degree and i am beautiful..

During our recent trip to Vivocity, I came across a rather interesting advertisement, offering Mandarin classes.

When I first read it, I did not notice anything peculiar about its contents as it is quite normal for language experts or rather native speakers to offer their services expertise. However, upon closer observation, one sentence read “I have a degree and I am beautiful”.

As if to make it a more interesting read, the p/s read: By the way, I am in my early 30s.

Yes, I am looking for opportunity to learn Mandarin but since when a person’s beauty plays a part? Maybe I will pay rapt attention if the teacher in front of me, is young and beautiful?

Who knows? Maybe. Just maybe

sorry..not this ad :p


2 thoughts on “i have a degree and i am beautiful..

  1. Haha… depends what kind of Mandarin classes la. Maybe those with ‘benefits’… Aiya I teach you la. You don’t know Mandarin meh? Aiyo what type of Chinese are you? Hehe…

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