i felt at home

Two days ago, I was at Tampines mall for early morning grocery shopping (yep..scrutinising, scavanging and inspecting piles of vegetables under microscopic eyes with aunties) when I had the urge to have breakfast at a malay stall.

Makcik asked me what I wanted, in English and I placed my order in Malay. Then we had brief conversation in Malay.

Makcik: Yes? Can I take your order?

Me: Makcik, ada mee siam tak?

Makcik: Mee siam dah habis la. Cuma mee rebus dengan mee soto..

Me: Takpe la Makcik. Bagi saya bihun goreng biasa.

Makcik: Nak tambah telur?

Me: Tak payah Makcik. Pesan air kat mana, Makcik?

Makcik: Duduk dulu. Nanti ada orang datang tanya.

Me.: Terima kasih

I felt at home.

I felt familiarity

I felt comforted

And I was happy.

the gerai


2 thoughts on “i felt at home

  1. i know how that feels! One time I was buying keropok lekor from a malay stall, familiarity overtook and I said “satu ringgit lekor” instead of “1 dollar lekor”, the guy reciprocated with a smile – that felt nice and homey!

    malaysian in foreign land …

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