how are malaysians different from singaporeans?

This is just my personal view and strictly based on my own observations.

I might be wrong. I could be right. Anyhow, comments are most welcome, to enlighten me. So, here goes.

a) Singaporean drivers don’t honk (been almost a month here, only heard once). Malaysian drivers start honking even before the light turns green.

b) Singaporeans will wait for green light before crossing road (even when there’s no cars). Malaysians will start walking even when there’s on coming cars.

c) Singaporeans love to queue (though queue line is 50 metres long. Go observe Singapore Toto / Pools). Malaysians will queue only if there’s 2 person in front of them.

d) Singaporeans love themselves more esp boarding MRT. Refuse to give up priority seats. Malaysians will give up seats to those in need (not all of them, though)

e) Singaporeans love their cabbies. Malaysians are wary of their cabbies.

f) Singaporean drivers slow down at zebra crossing. Malaysians slow down for cars at zebra crossing.

f) There’s toilet rolls in Singapore mall’s toilets. In Malaysia, no such rolls (well..most of the time. Even if there’s toilet rolls, it will be left with 2 or 3 ply..wipe what?). Use water lar.

g) When shopping in Singapore, you can leave your belongings on couch and no one will snitch them (witnessed today at G2000 store). In Malaysia, you leave your stuff unattended, it will be gone less than 5 minutes.

At the end of the day if you ask me, how are we different from each other? I would say, not much.

After all, we are just being our human-self. And we love our hainanese chicken rice!

queuing for a SGD10 hair cut


4 thoughts on “how are malaysians different from singaporeans?

  1. Haha… I agree with most, except that I don’t wait for the green light, I just chiong. So, if one day, you see me rolled flat on front page of New Paper, don’t be surprised. Also, I hate to queue and I hate cabbies. :p

    • haha..i was at a traffic light junction today, waiting for green light. You are right..some decided to “chiong”. I decided to wait, wanting to blend in with majority :p

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