one of the better chicken rice?

My sister took us (myself, Celeste and my parents) to one chicken rice shop along Killeney road (directly opposite Singtel?) and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

It’s one of the better chicken rice shop around, as I was told. I have to agree as the chicken rice tasted much better that those serve at one of the 5 star hotel along Orchard road.

If you ask me what makes a good chicken rice, its rice has to be fluffy and fragrant (cook with chicken fat) and chicken meat is still slightly pinkish.  And I guess what makes the  whole world of difference is its “must have” condiment;

CHILLI SAUCE. It has to be sour and tangy and packs a punch.

I am pretty sure there are chicken rice stalls which are much better out there waiting to be discovered. 

Care to share, anyone?

that's Kelvin..bro in law

Celeste with Marissa in the background


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