what if i needed to use the toilet?

Yeah, that’s right. What if I needed to use the toilet?

No problem at all if I were at home. I can just announce to Celeste where am I, and she will be happily attending to her Barbie without giving the world a hoot.

But, what if I needed to use the toilet when we are out shopping? This was just what happened when we were at Vivo City two days ago.

As if on cue, all of a sudden, my stomach churned and rumbled and I actually perspired with cold sweat. “Daddy need to go “ng-ng”, I hurriedly told Celeste. She nodded agreeingly, giving me a disgusted look at the same time.

One rule when bringing a child to toilet of opposite sex. Never to have loud conversation in the cubicle. There were instances where questions asked by Celeste, can be intepreted wrongly by eavesdroppers!

When I told Carment that Celeste had to follow me to the toilet, she pitied Celeste.

Here’s why!

Daddy is sorry, Celeste


6 thoughts on “what if i needed to use the toilet?

  1. omg, when i read about the part about ‘ng-ng’, i laughed. i understand about bringing kids of the opposite sex to public toilets. I always have to take my nephew/s to the ladies and i feel that moment of awkward decision-making: urm, should i go to the male or female toilet? of course, it’s much more common for women lah to take boys to the ladies. u’re a great dad! Funny, too.

    • I guess it will be more awkward for dads to bring their girls to toilet..am just trying to be a dad to Celeste..I can still remember buying “koteks” for my mum years ago..and I always asked the “ah pek” to wrap it with newspaper! Not my face though..haha

  2. Haha, just checking. First thing that came to mind was how did you even managed to capture that picture when you were ng-ng, then I realised yeah .. maybe the two of you were indeed in the same cubicle! Ha, poor Celeste =P

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