are you sure of the way, daddy?

“I want to go to Vivo city, daddy”, Celeste announced right after she opened her eyes yesterday morning.

” Why do you want to go there?” I asked.”There’s Toy ‘r’us!”, she beamed excitedly! Not wanting to waste anymore time, we changed and off we went.

“Can we take the taxi, daddy?” asked Celeste when she noticed that I took out her MRT card. I assured her that the train ride will be as comfortable and will be at Vivo City in no time.

I guess she wasn’t too confident as she kept asking why we haven’t reached Vivo City as  we needed to change line at Outram Park station.

She actually smiled with a hint of relief when we finally reached our destination!

It was more of her bringing me around as she knew exactly where Toy’r’us was! She even proudly pinpointed exactly where Carment registered my new mobile number, to my amazement! 

Before we left, Celeste actually covertly directed me to the “information counter”, urging me to ask the girls where was the nearest exit to MRT station!

And I thought I knew.

Celeste looked relieved once reaching Vivocity


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