my biggest fan

Yes, Celeste is my biggest fan.

She simply loves my soups or maybe she just loves any soups. I made radish soup today and everytime she walked into the kitchen, she would exclaimed, “the soup sure smells nice…”.

She was quite persistent and inquired repeatedly whether the soup was ready though she had fruits, apple juice and a slice of pizza for lunch.

I might be egoistic but I am extremely pleased that Celeste simply loves my soup. She said to me in full honesty, “it’s very nice hor, daddy”.

She asked for second helping.

I guess it’s not the ingredients that are important in making a good bowl of soup.

All you need is lots of LOVE.




















2 thoughts on “my biggest fan

  1. Actually….I am your fan too. lol. Everynite a bowl of soup (heated up) waiting for me on the table, so warm. You are the BEST!

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