stepford wife..or maybe husband?

So far I am enjoying every minutes of it. My typical activities for the day will be fairly as such. For now.

Wakes up at 6.45am (at least for today).

Get Celeste’s school uniform ready.

Get her sustagen ready. Her specific instruction: Not too hot and not too cold.

Switch on cable TV – channel 34 for playhouse disney

Get Celeste’s toothbrush / paste ready

Wakes Celeste up and brush her teeth

She drinks sustagen and I watch her.

By 7.25am, prepares her in school uniform

By 7.30am. school van fetches Celeste

The rest of the day, I will do prep for soup making and doing laundry / drying

Surf net with coffee handy somewhere nearby

By 11.30am, I will be waiting for Celeste at the foyer

Clean her up and lunch time

Celeste watches cartoon and I surf

Swim if weather permits (5.30pm)

Shower time by 7pm follows by dinner

Watch more cable TV and toy playing

Bed time

Repeat cycle the next day

lotus root soup for today

best and caffeine












3 thoughts on “stepford wife..or maybe husband?

  1. wahhh.. so big haha.. my mama puts honey dates in her lotus root soup instead of red dates.. so as her apprentice, i replace red dates with honey dates too hehe… sweeter ^^

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