homemaking is the toughest job there is

It’s one of the toughest job, if not the toughest, to be a homemaker.

I know friends who became homemaker, wanting to come back to workforce as they claimed they can’t stand the workload at home, need to upgrade themselves, widening their circle of friends, losing their humanity touch with society, etc..

It’s tough but I honestly think that the harmony of a home largely depends largely on how well the house being managed. And of course, the biggest consolation for me at the moment, is being able to spent quality “father-daughter” bonding with Celeste.

Homemaking. It’s tough.

But someone has to do it.



2 thoughts on “homemaking is the toughest job there is

  1. Ya rite …+ working, can imagine ?! …if I got time I will choose to lay down doing nothing…no tv, no muzik…:)

    • I know Auntie Angie. Everytime we met, you looked exhausted and forlorn! Yeah, homemaking is tough. Homemaking and working lagi “jialak”! I guess having friends to talk to makes it easier, no?

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