grocery trolley for the first time

Never have I imagine myself using a grocery trolley, lugging it all the way from place of residence to MRT station, on towards cold storage at Tampines Central 1. I have no choice as it is cumbersome for me to carry all groceries without the assistance of a trolley, not to mention I have Celeste besides me.

As if to give me a grand congratulatory gesture, the trolley decided to dislodge one of its wheel, right after our lunch. And I had to fix it in full view of shoppers!

Anyway, it is always fun to experience events for the first time. Just like the first time I took my flight from Ipoh airport to Singapore last Sunday. We were taking the flight of staircases up the aircraft, when my leg accidentally knocked against the auntie’s¬†ahead of me. Her slipper fell off the staircase and she stopped in her track. Her butt was smacked right in front of my face!

starting our journey to cold storage

Celeste curious about the trolley

wheel came off!

done with shopping

bonding with celeste


4 thoughts on “grocery trolley for the first time

    • what to do? The wheel just came off by itself..hehe..come down fast..i am making lotus root soup today..hehe

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