Sushi and frozen yoghurt

Again, we were at Tampines today for lunch and expectedly Celeste asked for sushi. She just loves her cucumber maki. So Sushi Tei it is.

Celeste had her cucumber sushi and I treated myself to one of those rice dishes. I have a hunch soon the Management of Sushi Tei will give me their loyalty program card, since I am becoming a familiar figure at the outlet!

Right before we went for grocery shopping again, at Cold Storage, we decided to have frozen yoghurt at one of those little cute stall tucked neatly at a corner.

What fruit toppings to go with the yoghurt, but of course slivers of strawberries for my little Celeste.

By the way, I am planning to make “old cucumber” soup since it is available.

celeste and her cucumber sushi

Strawberry yoghurt for Celeste

Celeste just ate the strawberries, not the yoghurt

frolick frozen yoghurt shop


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