first day at “work”

Yesterday was my first day I prepared Celeste for school. Well ,partially as I wasn’t too well verse with “protocol”. And yes, I am now in Singapore for good.

Right after Celeste came back from school, I freshened her up before we embarked our very first trip together to Tampines for lunch and some grocery shopping. Minor grocery shopping that is, as I still need time to adjust to the pricing over here.

We had lunch at a Japanese restaurant before we went to cold storage for grocery shopping. Decided to make radish soup as Celeste wanted it.

Came back and had to sms Carment, asking her where did she place the dried cuttlefish before assembling the rest of the soup ingredients.

Next? Laundry and drying. 

Next? Bathing Celeste.

I guess I fared pretty well, on my first day at “work”. Still room for improvement.

Celeste having green tea









radish soup with chicken feets











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