thanks for the welcoming committee

I was at Acer’s office last Friday to get hold of Carment’s EA form and to say hello to her former colleagues..It  was my first time ever to Acer despite Carment has been working there for more than a decade..and ironically I guess it was my last as well?

The most interesting thing that happened was that I was made so welcomed by Carment’s former colleagues even though I have never meet them in person!

I first met up with Cryst and of all things, I blurted out, ” you are quite tall yourself..”, and that was before I tried in vain to take a snapshot of her coming out from the office. She said, “..i am wearing high heels mar..” pulling her pants up slightly, exposing her heels..

Whilst we were exchanging pleasantries, two other girls came and for a second I thought it is against company’s rules to talk to staff. It turned out to be Fay and Audrey and we chatted for a while and I felt that I actually worked there before, and came back to catch up with old friends!

Thanks a bunch for the welcoming committee, girls!

Do keep in touch and sorry for trying to take impromptu pictures (though I failed to snap Audrey’s pic)..and Cryst, thanks for willing to pose for me..hehe









shy Cryst!


cryst..being cryst


6 thoughts on “thanks for the welcoming committee

  1. That picture is so unflattering!
    I looked like a jumping chinese vampire (kiong see)!
    Remove .. remove .. remove please.

    • You looked fine, I can assure you. Even when I showed Carment pictures of you and Cryst, she noticed both your hair are longer than she can recall..nice knowing you in person, Fay..and same goes to you, Audrey (though I didnt manage to get a pic of you)


    ‘Against company’s rules to talk to staff’ maybe only applies in hotel.. haha! I dunno, I guess..

    Nice meeting you finally too ipohahboy, you’re right, when the reception told me Charles, I asked her, which Charles? Did not expect you to come that soon! 😉

    • I didnt know you messaged Carment prior. In fact I was on the way to Acer after managed to confirm with HR of Carment’s EA form. Though brief but enjoyable encounter with you girls!

  3. Tell Carment Ah Po likes me in longer hair. Kakakakakak. First time I am keeping my hair long for a man – this says a lot. Kakakkakakaka.

    Love from the jumping chinese kiong see

    • To Fay: Carment said she had a mild shock when she saw your hair and “as long as your “ball” gor gor likes it, nothing else matters”

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