no brakes, pregnant tyre and a superstar

Right after I went to Acer, I decided to service my car before my trip back to Ipoh the next day. I had a hunch something is not right with the car. And  boy, was I glad to be right.

Both the front brake discs were totally exhausted and the mechanic took the initiative to change them without my permission. That’s Superstar workshop (Taman Maluri – opposite Telekom) way of doing business. Though I asked for a normal car servicing, they will do other “points” servicing and normally advise you what needs to be changed.

The ladyboss will go around and pass you a bottle of mineral water to quench your thirst while waiting. Best of all, you can negotiate on the final pricing before you pay..(very much depends on your negotiation skill)

On that particular day, there was an extremely grouchy auntie who animatedly protest, when told that one of the tyre needed to be changed (bloated due to extreme mishandling). She kept saying it wasn’t her fault that the tyre decided to take on pregnant-like shape and kept assuring herself.

To cut short, tyre was changed.

Auntie still very grouchy when I left.

And Superstar is still SUPER.

superstar workshop - Taman Maluri


grouchy auntie besides her car


2 thoughts on “no brakes, pregnant tyre and a superstar

  1. I went there today. I tot it’s gonna be like 700 to 800 but turn out only 379 for 2 brand new tyres, 2 RIMS repairs, alignment and balancing… i came out from the SUPERSTAR workshop feeling good… well… not that bad after all.

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