pasir puteh’s wet market

A week ago I was back in Ipoh for 2 reasons. One is to spend more time with my parents and the other was to “dump” my under-utilised belongings before I fly to Singapore.

One of the main hightlight (though it was a one night stay) of this trip was going to the wet market. I specifically asked my dad to wake me up in the morning as I wanted to see myself the latest development or rather lack of it, of the “pasar“.

Nothing has changed. Zilch!

“Mui kwai” or Rose is still stir frying her char kway teow at the very same stall and the noodle uncle is still plying his trade.  It seems everybody know every one..except me. My mom introduced me to those aunties and uncles, while she haggled for a discount as usual.

I followed mom from behind, like a little Ah Boy and dutifully helped her carried the goods bought.

Good ole days.

haggling for discount











steamed kuih

ipoh's famous taugeh - plump and short


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