so long, ketumbar heights

Yesterday, I shifted out from Ketumbar Heights after staying for close to 3 years. For the past week, things were pretty frantic as I am not good at discarding stuff of sentimental value. I heaved a sigh of relief when the whole brouhaha was over at exactly 3pm.

Movers came in at 2.15pm and neighbours swarmed me. “No wonder lar..I have not seen your wife and your daughter for soooo long, ” remarked one of them. I managed a weak smile (was sleep deprived)

Another guy (not from the same floor) being nosy, came up to me and asked, “the owner they want to sell off this place arr?”. “I don’t know and you can ask the Management office for the number, ” was my quick reply.

I already missed this place. It was a sanctuary for me and both my “Cs”.



4 thoughts on “so long, ketumbar heights

  1. Charles, your leaving let me feel like my last connection with Carment oso lost…:( cannot play tumpang tumpang. But happy that your family get together :).

    • Aiyah Auntie Angie, can always MSN with Carment worr. Just make sure the “U mobile” connection is good lar..hehe..At least I am happy that you won’t be catching me without my shirt on anymore..hahaha

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