she mops, actually

My sister in law, Siew actually does household chores! It is not that I haven’t seen anyone doing household chores but it is SIEW that I am talking about here.

I have known Siew when she was really young, easily more than 15 years. There was even an occasion where I took her to see a doctor at Taman Pertama and I had to support her hand. Her teacher saw us and thought that we were an item!! To be brutally honest, I have not seen Siew holding a mop despite all these years.

Anyway, back to mopping. 

During a rather recent trip back from Singapore, I fetched Siew from KL Sentral and we headed home. Upon reaching, instead of freshening up, Siew started to mop the floor despite me asking her to shower and take it easy. She was adamant of making the floor spick and span before anything thing else. 

I guess no one can stop her if she really want to mop.


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