i miss chee cheong fun

I miss my chee cheong fun. Not any ordinary chee cheong fun but those from Ipoh.

As for chee cheong fun from Kuala Lumpur, I only ask for cooked oil, sesame seeds and soy sauce to flavour the strips of noodles. I can do without the brown sauce (thim cheong), thank you.

These are the varieties of chee cheong fun, originally from Ipoh..(as far as I know)

p/s these amazing pictures are courtesy from “motormouth from ipoh” (www.j2kfm.com)

curry chee cheong fun..with pork rind (chu phei)








chee cheong fun with sauce (thim cheong)


chee cheong fun with mushroom sauce


when it rains cats and dogs

It was raining cats and dogs yesterday late afternoon and Celeste was watching her favourite sattelite cartoon channel when I realized something.

Despite the heavy rain outside, we can still watch sattelite tv program here in Singapore, unlike Astro.

Don’t get me wrong. I was a satisfied Astro customer in general, except when it rained.

If you were to browse through Astro’s website and read its top FAQ, one of the favourite question of all time is, “why I can’t receive Astro programmes when it rains” and the answer given is “service should resume automatically when the rain clears”.

Why can’t we?

Don’t get me wrong again. I loved Astro for I was entertained for years but as I am typing this, it is still pouring. And the sattelite TV programmes were not affected at all. Not even for a fraction of a nano second.

Maybe the clouds in Singapore clear off faster since its not a  mountainous city. Maybe. Who knows?

Astro: Making your life richer.


make sure i look presentable or else..

And this is what Carment says to me whenever I snap pictures of her with or without her knowledge.

Imagine my surprise when this picture was taken just about a week ago. I was quite pleased with it not because of any other reasons but the fact that Carment actually smiled for the camera. And she smiled willingly.

Usually when I want to snap a picture of her, I will be greeted with an “optic blast” similar to Cyclops’ of the popular X-men and at times, I wish I can just teleport myself to safety, just like the Night Crawler.

Anyway, this picture was taken on a morning when we were waiting for the school van to fetch Celeste to school.

And as usual, Carment will ask and has to convince herself that she looked presentable in the picture. If not, I will be asked diplomatically, not to post it at all.

Hmmm..remind me of the Film Censorship Board of Malaysia.

Here’s the picture which made my day.

don’t tell mommy ar

Am I suffering from dementia?

I can’t recall whether I have wrote this phrase, “don’t tell mommy ar” before as a post title. In fact as I am writing now, I have this deja-vu experience that whatever I am typing or doing now, happened before.

Am I enlightened? I hope soon enough.

Coming back to not telling mommy, that’s what exactly Celeste will ask of me whenever something  happened, however trivial it may be.

You see, I took the easy way out by being the good guy (well, most of the times) and Carment being the bad one.

This is one instance where I was supposed not to tell mommy.



learn hokkien Ah Boy’s way

Just to brighten up your day at the expense of my ancestral root.

I am a Chinese and a Hokkien and I can’t speak both. And I have a typical Hokkien name (no..don’t ask me)

Anyway, let’s go on with learning Hokkien, the easy way. Real easy way.

Children is Kinnakia

Bird is Jiaokia

Give birth is Sehkia

Furniture is Ikea

Police is Matakia

Small house is Chukia

Handphone is Nokia

I am is Hokkienkia

Malay is Huankia

India is Geilengkia

Chinese is Tenglangkia

Japanese is Jitpunkia

Bad guy is Paikia

Good guy is Hokia

People who read this is Gongkia

If you laugh now, you are Siaokia

JANGAN MARAH YA (direct translation: don’t angry ar)

i have a degree and i am beautiful..

During our recent trip to Vivocity, I came across a rather interesting advertisement, offering Mandarin classes.

When I first read it, I did not notice anything peculiar about its contents as it is quite normal for language experts or rather native speakers to offer their services expertise. However, upon closer observation, one sentence read “I have a degree and I am beautiful”.

As if to make it a more interesting read, the p/s read: By the way, I am in my early 30s.

Yes, I am looking for opportunity to learn Mandarin but since when a person’s beauty plays a part? Maybe I will pay rapt attention if the teacher in front of me, is young and beautiful?

Who knows? Maybe. Just maybe

sorry..not this ad :p