throw it away lar

Tomorrow will be my last day at my current place of residence and everything seems to pace at frantic speed. I have been guzzling litres of water because of the running around like a mad man, trying to fit boxes into my car, cramping stuff into boxes and the rest.

Took a day off last thursday, just to update all correspondence address with relevant parties (credit cards) as well as paying bills like “Hasil Tanah” and “Cukai Taksiran” (have to go all the way to Bangi) and not to mention, transporting some stuff to my mom in law’s place.

Met Auntie Angie at ground floor when she spotted the kid “bathtub” which is Celeste’s favourite to shower in. Here’s our converstion;

Me: I am moving out this Sunday. I am taking all these stuff to mom-in-law’s (smiling away)

Angie: Together with the bathtub? (laughing at the same time)

Me: I can’t bear to throw it away (have many good memories with Celeste)

Angie: Just take a picture of it and throw it away lar. If not, you have too many stuff to pack.

I laughed and drove away, pondering whether to discard the “bathtub”.

The “bathtub” is now safely tucked in a corner at mother-in-law’s.


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