i left my sole in singapore

You heard it right. I literally left my sole in Singapore during my recent trip for Chinese New Year celebration. And this whole incident made me realized that I have a knack of orchestrating bizarre incidents at airports.

First incident was at Hong Kong airport where my brief decided to rear its ugly head at the hem of my jeans (and I was dragging the poor cotton all over the airport!)

And now this has to happen..

I was on walking briskly on the travellator, heading towards Immigration when I heard someone faintly said, “excuse me..half of your shoes is behind you”..and she excitedly whispered to her companion as she passed me.

I looked down and true enough, the bottom half of my shoe (sole) came off. The whole piece of it! I thanked my lucky star there was still another layer of fabric to prevent me from total bare footed. I took the poor sole and wrapped it with a newspaper and trying to walk normally.

I then hopped on the MRT and decided to snap picture of my shoes. Disembarked at Tanah Merah interchange and hopped onto another train and all this while holding tightly to my sole (planned to get it fix once back to KL).

Upon reaching my destination, I realized my sole somehow slipped through the newspaper and was on its way to Pasir Ris!








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