He actually cried

I had a rather short meeting today with all my Head of Deparments, announcing my resignation officially. All was quiet for a while and all of a sudden, I noticed Kenny’s eyes were welling up.

He then murmured and gesticulated, “there’s goes my CNY celebration”..quiet again. Then the rest said they are getting comfy with me and when things are getting better..rooms are cleaner, revenues picking up, less police raids..and now I have to go!

Right after the meeting, he requested to see me in the office asking me what is he going to do? We chatted and I gave some constructive advice which he took all in his stride.

He is a good man.

And he actually cried.

(when news of my resignation made known, 2 accounts girls came to me with their resignations!)


2 thoughts on “He actually cried

  1. finally your turn!
    anyway, never expect u to intro yrself like that.. HAHAHAHA actually i was stunned for a while, ipohahboy! 😛

    • Cryst, it does feel great to tender in the letter..anyway, it was great to talk to you finally..though the rather awkward intro!! hehehe..thought you might recoqnise Ipohahboy instead of charles..hahaha..

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