brain drain?

Last sunday’s star paper..

World renowned liver transplant surgeon, a Malaysian wanted to set base in Malaysia but eventually he declined. Instead he was headhunted by neighbouring country, Singapore.

Why? One of the requirements he needs to fulfill, should he set up base here, is to do housemanship in Government hospital for 3 years! By the way, he is now so much sought after in Singapore for his expertise.

Government has been talking for the millionth time, asking Malaysians abroad to come back and serve the country. Many are keen to serve but unfortunately, because of red tapes, business policies and environment are not that enticing at all.

Infosys of India had wanted to set up a centre here (since we have our Multimedia Super Corridor) but they moved to Mauritius.

Why? We are more interested with our teh tarik session and delayed their business application.

Please bear with me, for this is my last grouse.

Top scorer in STPM wanted to apply for scholarship to do medicine in our local universtity but declined due to quota.

What happened to the top scorer?

Singapore government come wind of the news and offered full scholarship to do medicine. After graduating, would the student come back to serve the country?


Why don’t we learn from our mistakes? Maybe we are too proud to admit it or too malulah





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