Singapore trip (29th Jan – Feb 1)

Once again, I was in Singapore to meet up with Shin, Carment and Celeste. The main reason is, of course to bring over some stuff which Carment had left in KL.

No trip to Singapore is ever complete without going out for “chomp chomp” time. 

The first place we went to was, “Marche”, since she said it has been ages she went there. As  usual, its “mushroom soup” is much creamier than the KL’s outlet as well as its “rosti” is to die for.

Where else did we go? For sunday lunch, we went to “Waraku”, Japanese restaurant for its pasta. As for dinner, we were at Mandarin Oriental hotel, to meet up with Aunty Angie’s brother (who is the Executive Chinese Chef). Its stir fry beef was simply TENDER!

Before I forget, the main highlight of this trip was, playing a console game and if I recall correctly, it’s call “WII Fit… It’s suppose to allow you to “sweat it out” playing outdoor games, indoor.

Initially I thought, it would be easy peasy but  I was gasping for oxygen. My lungs were almost collapsing! Really time for me to get back in shape. Before we could start the game, we have to create our very own “Avatar”..Nice touch.

Enjoy the pictures (not in chronological order)







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