throw it away lar

Tomorrow will be my last day at my current place of residence and everything seems to pace at frantic speed. I have been guzzling litres of water because of the running around like a mad man, trying to fit boxes into my car, cramping stuff into boxes and the rest.

Took a day off last thursday, just to update all correspondence address with relevant parties (credit cards) as well as paying bills like “Hasil Tanah” and “Cukai Taksiran” (have to go all the way to Bangi) and not to mention, transporting some stuff to my mom in law’s place.

Met Auntie Angie at ground floor when she spotted the kid “bathtub” which is Celeste’s favourite to shower in. Here’s our converstion;

Me: I am moving out this Sunday. I am taking all these stuff to mom-in-law’s (smiling away)

Angie: Together with the bathtub? (laughing at the same time)

Me: I can’t bear to throw it away (have many good memories with Celeste)

Angie: Just take a picture of it and throw it away lar. If not, you have too many stuff to pack.

I laughed and drove away, pondering whether to discard the “bathtub”.

The “bathtub” is now safely tucked in a corner at mother-in-law’s.


hectic week

This is just my random thoughts at this moment of time and too busy with packing, packing and more packing. It doesn’t seem to end and I am running out of time. Hopefully I am able to take a breather at the end of the week.

Friends been asking me when to meet up for farewell and even my grandma called me reminding me to visit her before I leave for Singapore.

Gotta go now. My ex staff, Joanne is at the hotel to give me a treat. As mentioned, hectic week.


i hate house moving

Once again, I have to move.

The prospect of moving to a new place excites me, but definitely not the “clearing” work. Of late, I have been staying up late (till 4am) to decide what needs to be thrown away and what stays, which gives me a BIG headache.

Yesterday was another one of those stay up late night where I sorted out the remaining of the leftovers. I was watching Oprah and coincidentally the topic was on how to declutter your home. One sensible advice was whenever you bring a new thing into your house, one old thing has to go. Makes perfect sense.

Anyway, I have until end of the week to handover the place for new tenants. Wish me luck.

look ma, he wears a rolex!

No doubt it’s so common nowadays to see people wear designer watches, especially those corporate high fliers or even towkays.

We were on the way to a hotel on eve of Chinese New Year (in a  chartered MPV) when I noticed the watch worn by the uncle. He was wearing a Rolex.

I remember a Singaporean friend of mine once told me that a “char kway teow” towkay wears a Rolex while he goreng your kway teow.

As Shin used to say, whenever you sell chicken rice, there will always be a long queue. And this is irregardless whether the chicken rice is tasty or otherwise.

Chicken rice towkay with a  “A.Lange & Sohne “, perhaps?

can go that far arr…?

Come 1pm today and I will be heading back to Ipoh for several reasons. Besides to meet up my parents and siblings, I will be dumping most of my belongings in Ipoh before I leave for Singapore early March.

Since I announced that I will be driving home, I have been bombarded with similar questions as such;

Carment: “Can your car go that far arr..? Let me know when you reach Ipoh safely”

Siew: ” Your car? Can meh? Drive my Myvi lar. More comfortable”

My dad: ” Your car can reach Ipoh? Better service your car first and drive slow”

Anyway, I trust my “herbie”

bubbly suds

It is always such an experience to watch whenever Celeste goes for a dip in the pool or even in a bathtub. She will get overly excited and she is FEARLESS. It is us who are in constant fear, especially in a swimming pool. I guess Celeste loves water.

During the recent stay at the Presidential suite, myself and Celeste decided to have a bubbly experience in the jacuzzi, and of course Carment decided to take “revenge”. She snapped pictures when my decency was covered only in suds.


a suite fit for a president

We celebrated the first 2 days of Chinese New Year in a hotel’s Presidential Suite. I was in awe by the sheer size of the suite and actually counted my foot steps from one end to the other; it was a total of 49 steps!

To top it off, it comes equip with its own sauna and jacuzzi and there were lots and lots and lots of towels! And what made me awake most of the time, was the espresso coffee machine.

Thanks Shin, for the lovely hotel stay.