1 ticket system

At long last, a piece of good news for commuters.

By year end, we are going to have an intergrated 1 ticket system whereby Touch n Go card can be used for all buses and trains.  

But of course, there are concerns to tackle. Main hurdle is that there is currently 16 different bus companies and each has its own ticketing and collection system. “Everything has to gel”, said our Transport Minister.

It was hoped that by adopting this concept, boarding time will be cut by half which I think unlikely unless we change commuter’s mentality (most prefer to use coins and not Touch n Go card..Jules, you are absolutely right)

This 1-ticket system is being modelled on the “octopus” card in Hong Kong. Do we call this “one-for-all” card, “kad sotong”?

Then again, it’s a very good effort to make our life simpler.  


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