toilet seat cover, not toilet squat cover

We call it toilet seat cover..for a reason. Meaning when we are taking a dump, we are to “seat” (no pun intended) and not squat on top of the cover.

For hygiene reason, I do know that girls, mostly, do squat which I can’t blame them.

But what puzzles me is that, even after toilets are being cleaned, men prefer to adopt “Shaolin monk” kung fu stance. They squatted and left their marks! Best of all, they don’t have the decency, to at least hose down the toilet seat. No wonder we need to change these seats quite frequently 

Recently, I have asked my Housekeeper to put in  aromatheraphy burner, to clear the “pollution” in the mens’ toilet. We are just waiting for the burner to get stolen!

kung fu stance



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