Don’t stop believing

I was watching the lastest installment of “so you think you can dance” (season 6) yesterday night and Allison Becker made me wept.

Mary Murphy (panel judge) cried her heart out after watching her first dance audition. Mia (panel judge) was holding her tears.

Allison is deaf (due to spinal meningitis at 16 months old) and she refused to give up her dream to be a dancer. When asked how does music inspire her, she aptly replied, “…in a different way..” It really touched the hearts of the audience.

When Nigel (panel judge) asked how would she perform for “choreography” session, she confidently answered, ” I will do great”.

Guess what? Allison passed the choreography and gotten the ticket to Las Vegas!

Way to go, Allison.

Allison Becker


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