You have to hang it..

“You have to hang it”, replied Ah Lai Auntie when I asked her why the bunch of bananas I bought last tuesday remained green and unripe (i placed the bananas on the dining table, as I usually do)

I was told by the vendor that “rastali” bananas will take an average of 3 – 4 days to ripen. I waited for more a week and the bananas remain GREEN.

I was going bananas and since I can’t wait any longer and have nothing to loose, I decided to hang the bananas yesterday morning. When I came home, lo and behold, I have YELLOW bananas!!

For whatever reason, somehow by hanging the bananas, it helps its ripening process. Maybe that’s why you see bunches of  bananas are being hung at fruit stalls, instead of being placed on the ground.

going bananas over yellow bananas


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