Metered taxi

I came across this in yesterday’s newspaper and I thought maybe, just maybe, there’s hope at the end of the long tunnel.

We all know that there are lots of negative perceptions of our cabbies; with tourists claiming they are being over charged, meter not being used, driver smoked in the car and the whole yada yada.

Not tourists alone but locals too have their frustrations with our cabbies. Then again, I am not implying all cabbies are as such. I do believe there’s just a handful of those black sheeps who tarnish this noble profession.

When I saw the below picture, I can sense something good is emerging soon enough, HOPEFULLY.

Why hopefully? Despite numerous complaints against errant cabbies, nothing concrete has been done to remedy this on-going disease.

As Tun Mahathir used to say, to treat sickness, look at the root cause first. Then prescribe the medication.


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