totally reborn

I am totally reborn..or rather rejuvenated.

Last Saturday, Siew (sis in law) and her friend treated me to a 2 hours reflexology (1 hour for foot and 1 hour body) at a Reborn outlet near Taman Segar.

As I have never really done a proper foot reflexology before, it was quite a shrieking experience.

To prep our feet, we had to soak our feet into a small tub (water was like almost boiling!) to get blood circulating, I guess.

I had to ask Siew to be my translator, asking my reflexologist to go easy on me. It was a rather “torturous” 2 hours as the reflexologist cupped, moulded, punched and pinched every bit of flesh he could lay his hands on my body. I was like play-doh to him!

I can’t understand how could Siew and her friend can sleep thoroughout the whole session. I needed to be reminded not to tense-up my body on numerous occasions whenever the reflexologist “elbowed” my rather sore back.

The result? I feel much lighter and totally rejuvenated.

Next? We went to have claypot chicken rice which was absolutely yummy.

It was a rather productive day for me as I don’t normally “shriek” on a typical Saturday.

Thanks Siew.

My reflexologist


Siew getting amused with me!


Siew's friend helping himself

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