Kudos to JPN and JPJ

I took emergency leave yesterday as I needed to assist my sis-in-law, Siew to apply for new I/C, driving license as well as to apply for new car registration card.

Her car’s side window was smashed and someone took snatched her bag! Though it was a unfortunate incident but most importantly she wasn’t hurt in anyway. She was shaken up a bit but I am glad to be able to assist her.

In the past, I dreaded going to Government offices, knowing that you will be given the run around, getting things done. It was like treading your way along a trail of breadcrumbs, figuring out what forms to fill, which departments to go and the whole enchilada.

However, I beg to differ now.

We reached JPN branch at Endah Parade around 10.00 and by 10.30am, Siew has her replacement IC on hand! Next, we went to JPJ branch at Sri Permaisuri for new driving license and car registration card application.

Guess what? We got the documents in our hands by 12.30 noon! All in all, we only used 2.5 hours to get 3 new documents.

I am truly impressed by the efficiencies of JPN and JPJ. Keep up the good work!

car at the workshop











siew with her new driving license

Siew on phone

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