tasik selatan station

It was my first time ever to go to Tasik Selatan Station (last Friday) and I was there to fetch ney and darling. They took the KLIA transit and disembarked at this station.

Whilst waiting for them, I noticed that there was a long queue of people waiting to embark on a RapidKL bus. I have not been taking a bus for ages and apparently tickets are still being issued to passengers.

I noticed that passengers were scrambling for small change, hence the long wait.

Why can’t we adopt a system just like the one in Hong Kong?

Over there, they use “Octopus” card (like a touch n go card) and pay for their fares: be it on a bus, a ferry or even tram. They can even pay for food using the octopus card!

Talking about Touch n Go..whatever happens to plans to install “gantry”  points where motorists don’t have to stop or slow down their vehicles to “scan” their Touch n Go cards?

Oh yes. I forgot that Malaysia is a big country. So, it can’t be done (usually that’s the case)

celeste existing from the platform

commuters waiting to embark


One thought on “tasik selatan station

  1. gor, there ARE touch’n’go systems onboard the rapidkl buses, and also lrt stations. yet a big majority of ppl still prefer to queue up forever and use cash… instead of just getting the card and going the quicker way

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