Prom night

I was literally shocked when I read the paper last week, talking about “new age prom night”.

What’s happening now, or rather for some years now, college students will organise prom nights to end their academic year on a sweet note.

But what shocked me however, is the amount of these students pay for their costumes, suits and what-have-you, made me choked on my morning coffee.

Some pay as much as RM5000 for a makeover package. Even there was a student who rented a car to pick up his date. Not your typical run-of-the-mill type of car, but a “Hummer”! You know, the one which Horatio Caine of CSI Miami drives?

These students really go the whole nine yards to impress the opposite sex and these students are as young as 17 year old!

According to a student interviewed, as most of these prom nights are held at hotels, some students even rented a hotel room and that’s where  the”wham, bang and thank you ma’am” kind of fun begun.

When I completed my 1st year hotel studies in the Isle of Man, we celebrated in a chinese restaurant where I puked after eating 6 bowls of rice and washed down with “Southern comfort” with lemonade.

For our final year, we walked and bought ourselves “fish and chip” to end the night.

Now that’s fun for us in the yesteryears.

prom night


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