What’s the logic?

I recently went to Leisure Mall, intending to pick up a good book for reading pleasure.

As usual, I would park my car in the lowest basement as it is convenient for me to head back home. As I was nearing the entrance, it reads, “car park full”. I proceeded to another entrance and same thing happened! At this point of time, traffic was already snarling, cars inching forward at snail pace. 

The only entrance which I can go in, was the main entrance, facing Maxis center. That’s the usual case.

When I drove all the way to the lowest basement, there were ample parking lots! That’s the usual case, too.

So, logical question is, what’s the logic of closing all entrances except for one? It doesn’t happen at Leisure Mall alone, but other malls as well.

I dont have the expertise in traffic controlling, but logically if you have more entrances for cars to go in, traffic will be eased in no time.

Unless, the Mall wants to give impression to public that this Mall is a happening place to be, I can’t think of a logical explanation.

the only entrance


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