daddy, I am not coming back to Malaysia

Just spoke to Celeste and she told me that she doesn’t want to come back to visit me. She sounded serious and happy at the same time.

What does that mean?

I think I have to take it in a positive manner, knowing her thoroughly enjoying her new life in Singapore.

I am happy for her, knowing that she is well taken care of..but at the same time, I felt a tinge of sadness, shocked, lost and the whole enchilada.

I guess that’s pretty normal to be a dad. One minute you are needed, the next you are not.

quel faire-t-il? qui est la vie

4 thoughts on “daddy, I am not coming back to Malaysia

  1. aww… i know how u feel.. but looking at the positive side, at least she’s enjoying! go spore! i can’t wait to see picture of 3 of u together again! 😉

  2. Haha this little girl miss you actually… She is playing with you haha 🙂 don;t take it so serious. i am looking at her face when she was answering your call. She give a naughty smile and funny face, knowing that you miss her and wanted very much to see her……..

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