Why, Penang?

Recently, Penang is in the spotlight for a different reason.

Tourists and locals alike complained that  clealiness of its beaches are much to be desired.

One word. FILTHY

One Starpaper reader even made comparison with Thailand’s beaches which are much cleaner. Mind you, over in Thailand, there’s political unrest and yet, they are able to maintain cleanliness as the Thais know very well that tourism is the country’s biggest economic contributor.

Though we don’t have political unrest, but we are resting on our laurels.

One word. TIDAK APA attitude.

Penang’s local council gave this excuse in the Star paper, “the contractor responsible for maintaining cleanliness, was not informed of the extension of the cleaning contract” Apparently, the cleaning contract expired and when it was extended, NO ONE from the council bothered to inform the contractor.

Like I said, TIDAK APA attitude.

Tidak apa?



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