it’s utter rubbish

2009 is past and we ushered in 2010 with much fanfare everywhere. And expectedly, rubbish is everywhere and it’s utter rubbish!

That’s the mentality of Malaysians, sadly I would say. Not all though as I do know there are Malaysians who make it a personal mission to beautify and improve the cleanliness of our waterfalls…etc.

For the past 2 days, there were comments by readers of Star who voiced their disgust over our public toilets’ cleanliness and Penang beaches. One reader commented that toilets in Thailand are much cleaner, which I shamelessly have to admit.

For those litterbugs here, I hope you will get your comeuppance in due time. Yes, you might argue that there weren’t any rubbish bins around but does that warrant you the rights to litter discriminately?




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