Singapore again

I will be heading to Singapore tonight and will be back next monday. Hope to have more pictures this time.

I can’t wait to see both of my Cs again. I miss them terribly.


1 ticket system

At long last, a piece of good news for commuters.

By year end, we are going to have an intergrated 1 ticket system whereby Touch n Go card can be used for all buses and trains.  

But of course, there are concerns to tackle. Main hurdle is that there is currently 16 different bus companies and each has its own ticketing and collection system. “Everything has to gel”, said our Transport Minister.

It was hoped that by adopting this concept, boarding time will be cut by half which I think unlikely unless we change commuter’s mentality (most prefer to use coins and not Touch n Go card..Jules, you are absolutely right)

This 1-ticket system is being modelled on the “octopus” card in Hong Kong. Do we call this “one-for-all” card, “kad sotong”?

Then again, it’s a very good effort to make our life simpler.  

chinese temple?

This is the latest decoration for the hotel, to usher in the “Tiger” come Feb 14.

I really can’t put in words, my actual feeling. Guess what? I don’t feel anything at all!

The whole lobby looks like “Wong Tai Sin” temple with joss stick smoke fills the air (..Spa staff actually prays every morning) and my Front Office staff have to squint their eyes when checking out guests. I could only pray hard  that the guests do not think that my staff  are a horny lot!

I hated it. Less is more, for me

Directors loved it. The more the merrier, for them.

What to do? I have a JOB (Just Obey Boss) to do.

























When we first set foot on the Isle of Man, the very first place we were brought to have our first meal was at Griddles! It was the local version of McDonald and of course we were feeling famished because of the cold weather.

I can still remember vividly I was mentally doing “currency conversion”; trying to convince myself to get that darn burger. 

I got myself a entry- level burger &  fries and I nearly had cardiac arrest. The exchange rate at that point of time was at least RM7.00 to 1 sterling pound!

Good memories, I wouldn’t deny.

Griddles, Isle of Man

I hate karaoke

I can’t sing to save my own life. I hate karaoke and both Carment and Celeste seem to agree that my singing suck, big time.

Last weekend, Shin brought both of them to karaoke session. From what I saw from the pictures, Celeste seemed to horde the mic and thoroughly enjoyed singing Twin’s “you are not a good lover”.

Of course, Carment had a day off, relaxing herself silly in the karaoke room..








Buck up, Hong Leong

I just came back from Hong Leong bank, Taman Segar to do some banking matters. There wasn’t a big crowd despite it was lunch hour.

I took my queue number and only had to wait for 2 customers before my turn. 2 counters were opened and one of the customer was inquiring about Fixed Deposit rates. It took a good 20 minutes for the teller to answer  her queries!

20 minutes. Merely to inquire! 

And over at the counter.

Heads were shaking in disbelief. I joined in, shaking my head.

What made me crossed was that the teller didn’t have the sense to divert the customer to her Manager or person in charge. Even more absurd, I can see the Manager was sitting at the back office, doing nothing at all to assist.

Somehow, the teller had divine intervention and she saw the blinding light. She actually hollered her Manager to help out.

Seriously, buck up.

toilet seat cover, not toilet squat cover

We call it toilet seat cover..for a reason. Meaning when we are taking a dump, we are to “seat” (no pun intended) and not squat on top of the cover.

For hygiene reason, I do know that girls, mostly, do squat which I can’t blame them.

But what puzzles me is that, even after toilets are being cleaned, men prefer to adopt “Shaolin monk” kung fu stance. They squatted and left their marks! Best of all, they don’t have the decency, to at least hose down the toilet seat. No wonder we need to change these seats quite frequently 

Recently, I have asked my Housekeeper to put in  aromatheraphy burner, to clear the “pollution” in the mens’ toilet. We are just waiting for the burner to get stolen!

kung fu stance