Room 310? Room 210, perhaps?

This morning, a guest from room 210 came to the Front Desk counter claiming his girl friend is nowhere to be found. He persuaded us to let him view the CCTV.

I said “No” as it’s not our hotel’s policy to let anyone to view CCTV footage. Suggested to him to lodge police report, which he declined with a smirk.

At the same moment, on 3rd floor Housekeeping staff reported room 310 is supposedly vacant room but there is a woman sleeping.

To cut it short, the woman is the one being seeked by the man. When asked by the man why she slept in room 310, she replied, “i can’t recall and please get my clothing!”

Hmmm…she was sleeping naked all this while. No wonder my Security Officer was so excited.

What puzzled me was, since the room key 310 was still at the Front Office counter, how could she be in the room without any clothings?

Leave it to Sherlock Holmes to solve this mystery.


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