This is how I celebrated Christmas

I woke up pretty late. I guess it was around noon time.

Freshened myself and I headed to mamak stall, across Praisekids for brunch. Memories of me sending and fetching Celeste attacked my mind, tearing my eyes in the process.

Next destination? RHB bank to deposit cheque. No envelope for such. Buck up RHB, seriously.

Then I headed to Jusco, Maluri. I tried to renew my J card and converting my supplementary card to Principal card since Carment is not in Malaysia anymore.

No go? Why? They need Carment’s I/C (despite me telling them Carment migrated elsewhere)!

Again, do buck up Jusco. Why the red tape? Go adopt KPI as what our PM is doing now.

Anyway, I spent RM80.25 on groceries, mainly healthy food stuff (nissin noodle doesnt count) as I have pledged to eat healthily.

The rest of the day, I did laundry and house cleaning, or rather clearing.

healthy stuff


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