December 11 2009

This is the date whereby Celeste attended Praisekids classes for the last time.

I had purposely took a snapshot of her just outside of Praisekids.

Throughout the 3 years she was there, I realised there were 3 stages or rather 3 type of reactions whenever I came to fetch her from school.

1st stage – She will get overly “panicky” whenever she sees me at the entrance. She would scrambled all over, looking for her schoolbag and put on her shoes

2nd stage – She would loudly announced (while finger pointing at me) to her friends, “my daddy is here!”

3rd stage – She would still be happily playing with her friends while I waited for her. She would calmly put on her shoes before waving goodbye to her teachers.

All in all, I feel that Celeste is getting more comfortable with company of others besides me and ney. She is getting more independant, which I am thankful.

Daddy misses you and love you.

Celeste's last day at Praisekids


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