All is not lost

This is my observation while taking MRT in Singapore recently.

There are special seats allocated for those “needy” people; namely the elderly, pregnant women and those with kids.

Guess what? On one occasion, 3 of us were standing in front of the “special” seats, with Celeste holding my hand tightly. Seen occupying the seats, were a lady who conveniently shut her eyes, hoping us somehow become invisible. The other was a young lad, busied himself texting on his mobile phone!

Of course, they have every right not to offer their seats to us, that I can comprehend.

Not that I am hard-up for the seats but I am sure there’s a pressing issue to address since there are posters of “Phua Chu Kang” posters pasted on the doors of the trains, advising commuters to be more “considerate”, namely allowing commuters to alight first, offering seats etc.

However, there’s a saving grace. On one occasion, we were actually offered a seat! Yipee

By a Bangladeshi, that is.

All is not lost.


One thought on “All is not lost

  1. All I can say is it is VERY COMMON. You get people pretending to sleep, to read, or simply to not see! And often those who give up seats are what the Singaporeans claimed as “cheap labour” or “foreigners”. Ironic.

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