I am back..alone

The silence is definitely defeafing.

I was back since saturday and have not stepped out from the house until today.

Everything in the house reminded me of both ney and darling.

Yes, there’s no one to “fight” with me with the Astro remote; but I wish Celeste is here to watch channel 613.

And yes, I dont have to steam “corn” for Celeste; but I wish Celeste is here asking, “daddy, can I have corn?”

I used to hesitate to put body lotion for Celeste; but I dont mind to do for her again and again.

And now, I really yearn for Carment to “clear” my ears (i know it’s gross) for me though she did grunt occasionally. How I wish I can listen to her grunts now.

Yes, I am back..but alone


One thought on “I am back..alone

  1. Oh… boy. Poor Ipoh ah boy.

    ” Are you lonesome tonight, Dear you miss me tonight….”

    He he. I am very busy here. Work is as busy as usual. Now “my honey” keep me even more busy… I have to rush home for honey. And enjoy her “Crazy Kiss”. My honey is 5 years old.

    Lonely VS busy

    Merry Christmas!

    Eason’s song: “Lonely Lonely Christmas (You), Merry Merry Christmas (Me)….

    Merry Christmas, my dearest BIL….

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