See you again, Malaysia..

Ney and darling are now in Singapore. We landed safely around 11.25am.

This morning we were at Subang airport by 8am, two hours ahead of flight schedule. We were anticipating a hearty breakfast at Oldtown kopitiam but there isn’t Oldtown kopitiam on sight. I was dissapointed as I was looking forward for my caffeine fix desparately (slept around 2.30am and woke up at 6am).

We settled for 1901 hotdogs as well as at Big Apple donut..I was a happy man at last; got my caffeine boost!

Celeste was happy, eagerly anticipating her new toys her aunt, Shin prepared for her.

Ney, was tired from all the packings the few nights before, and I wasn’t too sure of what to expect. I had butterfly in my stomach.

Anyway, many thanks to Auntie Angie and Pastor Bobby / Teacher Elaine for Celeste’s farewell presents..I am already tearing..

courtesy of Auntie Angie

close up..flik flak

from pastor Bobby n teacher Elaine

donut man


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