Banana at 7-11

I was banana-shocked when I went to 7-11 recently.

Bananas are available now at RM1 per piece! I asked why the exorbitant price and I was told that it is imported from Australia.

The sales girl kept persuading me to try it..“cuba dulu, baru tahu sedap!” despite me protesting the bananas look too green (unripe). That’s the beauty of these bananas, I was told.

Just give me “pisang rastali” anytime. It’s cheap (only RM2.80 – RM3 a bunch) and yummy.

I wonder when can we get “dim sum” from 7-11? In Hong Kong, I had a few “dim sum” occasions at 7-11 with my friends and it was a truly an experience when you eat while standing out in the cold!

Cavendish bananas


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