I dont know what to expect..really

I dont know how to feel.

I dont know what to expect.

What I do know is, it’s just around the corner. By next week, ney and darling will start life anew in Singapore.

I know I am going to miss them desperately. On the other hand, I am happy for them.

For a husband and a dad like me, safety aspect and their well beings are paramount. At least I do know that both of them will be well taken care of.

Thanks Shin. God bless you.

Last week, we “cleared” a few bags of Celeste’s toys and belongings. The next day, when I noticed Celeste’s bike is not in the living room, my eyes started tearing. I imagined in my mind Celeste was riding the bike expertly across the living room!

Both of you have given me much love and joy.

I love you both. Always.

the BIKE




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