buck up, seriously

Recently in newspaper. Percentage of public transport usage declined to a mere 16% from 35%.

Who is to blame? Go ahead and point fingers lar..that’s what we Malaysians are good at.

I am not too surprised with this report. Afterall, do try to take public transportation; be it the bus, LRT or even our first class cabbies.

Generally, there’s no proper intergration to tie up all these mode of transportations. No proper planning or rather no planning at all? 

Cab? You need to be like Ah soh, good at bargaining and have to deal with cigarette smokes. At times, you have to give directions to the cab driver! (hint- driver is not local)

In Singapore, cab drivers will ask you whether you want to go thru toll or take a longer route. At least they ask.

Even though, its already so well intergrated, Singapore has in pipeline, add more MRT stations. Wat lau wei !

Some may beg to differ, saying that Malaysia is so much bigger than Singapore. True, but Malaysia has natural resources and a population of 26 millions which Singapore is lacking.

Nowadays, it takes Ney more than 1 hour to reach home after work.

Reason? I can give you one. It only takes a car to breakdown to cripple the whole of KL..or even after a downpour. Everyone start to “keypoh” by slowing down their cars, trying to figure out what the car registration number.

“If you like Singapore so much, go stay there la”, some might say.

I am an Ipoh boy and I love to see Malaysia to be seen as a progressive nation. Not a country with “1st class infrastructures but 3rd class mentality”


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